Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

~ A few ways the BioMat supports overall health ~



Core Body Temperature
Enzymes are the basis of all life and cell function. Nearly all chemical processes in the body depend on enzymes and many enzymes are keyed to our body temperature. A small drop in temperature can create a large drop in enzyme function, seemingly noting core temperature as a potential measure of life force. An important thought to consider for those with a low resting body temperature.

Immune System
Fevers boost the body into overdrive fighting disease and infections. The BioMat can elevate our body temperature by a few degrees, in a controlled way, creating an artificial fever. This was Hippocrates’ greatest wish as he thought that if he had the power to produce a fever, he could cure all disease. Louis Pasteur said “the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything”. Many pathogens thrive in normal body temperatures, but they love low body temperatures (hence the term having a ‘cold’). By changing their preferred environment, we slow them down, while at the same time unlocking our own immune system, and turn the tide of infection more quickly. Many people report warding off colds using the BioMat.

Infrared therapy is known to relieve chronic pain. The BioMat produces a significant amount of far infrared light without being hot to the touch so it can be used close to the body and in a variety of ways. Infrared light offers a powerful and natural form of pain relief without unwanted side effects.

Soft Tissue
For new injuries, ice is often recommended to reduce swelling and inflammation. However, for existing injuries such as strains, sprains, soft tissue injuries and chronic inflammation, heat is beneficial treatment. The BioMat is effective in deeply penetrating and reaching the site of the injury with the far infrared light.

Anxiety, Mood, Relaxation
The BioMat facilitates meditation and deep relaxation. We often recommend listening to peaceful music to create a more relaxing, healing experience. Mind-body pathways are real, and they are hormonal. By reducing stress hormones like cortisol, we produce a cascade of other beneficial effects, the BioMat supports in this process.

Infrared therapy can increase the temperature of the body, improve circulation and expand and relax capillaries as they attempt to shed excess heat through the skin. All this makes nutrients and oxygen more available to the skin, raises the temperature of hands and feet, and helps drain accumulated lymph.

The BioMat can allow higher core body temperature, better circulation and more enzyme activity, including digestive enzymes. This all translates into a faster pace of chemical and mechanical activity which speeds up tissue repair, immune response and detoxification.

Sweating is a basic biological function at times forgotten about. Human evolution favored a massive capacity to sweat, avoiding sweating can have unintended consequences, especially for the skin. At minimum, we know it helps clean pores, increases blood flow to the skin and eliminates toxins.

On the higher settings, the BioMat can produce lots of heat, much like a sauna. To further this, you can place a blanket over you. The body will work hard to shed the excess heat. Sweating is a very natural way to shed toxins too, including heavy metals. Sweat is known to contain metals and other toxic compounds that accumulate in the body. Studies have found that certain toxins are preferentially excreted through sweat. It is quite possible to achieve a good sweat on the BioMat, but it depends on the setting. On a medium setting, most people do not sweat at all. But on a high setting, combined with a blanket, it can definitely generate a good sweat and detox experience. Of course, if this is the goal, it is good to drink water and replenish electrolytes and be aware in the process not to overdo.